Ruby Heroes & RailsConf '08 Day 1

Wow, this was a nice surprise last night - a Ruby Hero award at RailsConf '08! The group of guys I got to share the stage with was unbelievable: Ryan Bates, Evan Weaver, Yehuda Katz, plus two more winners who couldn't make it to RailsConf. It's amazing to see the community support, and kudos to everyone who voted, attended, and contributed to the conversation - you guys make it happen.

If you're looking for Rails coverage, follow me on Twitter (my laptop decided to take a nap for a few days, hence broadcasting from my Blackberry). For more twitter news, make sure to also check out the summize stream.

A few topics that generated a lot of talk at RailsConf yesterday:

Last but not least, if you're at RailsConf and spot me in the crowd, come say hello! Talks I'm looking forward to attending today:

  • Assembling Pages Last: Edge Cache, ESI & Rails - Aaron Batalion
  • Asynchronous Processing with Ruby on Rails - Jonathan Dahi
  • Quick and Easy Custom Servers using EventMachine - Soctt Fleckenstein
  • Custom Nginx Modules: Accelerate Rails, HTTP tricks - Adam Wiggins
  • The Great Test Framework Dance-off - John Susser
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